Corporate Presentations

Wondering how you  and your co-workers can stay motivated to eat healthy at work?  Ask Lise to come speak!   Lise is available for presentations at your worksite. She has done many fun, informative seminars, “Lunch and Learns”, and presentations on a variety of topics (see below). If you are interested in having Lise come to your workplace, please email her at:

Snack Attack:  Healthy Snacking  
When is the right time to have a snack? What is a healthy snack? What are examples of healthy snacks?  Learn the answers to these questions at this fun presentation.

Eating for the Busy Professional on the Go
When there is not much time to cook or grocery shop, it’s a challenge to find ways to still eat healthy. This presentation will address easy ways to put meals together and ways to eat out that are healthy.

Portion Distortion
Portion sizes have steadily been on the rise over the 30-40 years and it’s influencing our waistlines and health- for the worse! Learn how much portions have increased and ways to combat this.

Food for Life
What are the basics of healthy eating? With so many fad diets, pills, and diet programs out there, it’s hard to know what healthy eating really means.  Come find out in this insightful presentation.

Nutritional Nuggets for those with Diabetes
If you or someone you love has diabetes, this talk with help guide you in selecting foods to help control diabetes and improve your health.  This talk is often a favorite during November, Diabetes Awareness Month.

The Diabetes Balancing Act
For those with Type 2 Diabetes, balancing food, exercise, medications, blood sugar monitoring, and stress can be a lot of work. Come learn how to juggle all the aspects of diabetes self care. This talk is also a favorite during November, Diabetes Awareness Month.

Nutrition during Pregnancy: What to Eat
Pregnancy can be a wonderful time in a woman’s life.  The food choices she makes are important to her and her baby’s health.   Come learn what healthy eating during pregnancy looks like and find out what to avoid and food safety risks as well.