Happy New Year

Healthy New Year Greetings!

 Let’s ring in the New Year  with healthy habits – it’s time

Come take a minute to read this rhyme

Get the body in shape! Revamp the eating!

There’s no time to spare; healthy cholesterol levels are fleeting

Blood Sugars are not what they should be, stress increases each day

The scale is not cooperating.  The belly fat has decided to stay.

But fear not, the Registered Dietitian is here,to motivate, educate and change your lifestyle

She’ll give you tips of what and how to eat (everything you need in the grocery store aisle)

Processed fiber and fat and sugar galore.  Is there anything healthy to eat anymore?

The choices get tougher as food marketing creeps in, but the dietitian can help you decipher ‘the spin’.

So get out your calendar and make an appointment today

You will laugh and learn in a no nonsense way!

Lise Gloede, RD, CDE

Nutrition Coaching, LLC

Phone (703) 516-4973

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